Dona Bhamra

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Authentic, professional, honest, orderly, attentive to the needs of my clients, are some of my qualities. I love working with you buyers, visiting and passing on my knowledge is very rewarding for me! I like to witness the emotions that the properties visited give us. The sellers, I do not forget you, presenting your house is a challenge for me every time, highlighting your property is natural and having the visit that translates into sale is a simply perfect moment! My experience and my training make me an ally when it comes time to refer you to other professionals you may need. In my personal life, one of my great passions is construction and renovation! And yes, I am not afraid of big projects, on the contrary, my artistic side is deployed during my projects. My knowledge of the building is sufficiently developed to make a good valuation of the property to be marketed or the one coveted by a buyer. We look forward to working together and planning our action plan.

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